Child Health Day

Child Health Day is a national observance in the United States observed on the first Monday of October annually.

This observance focuses on raising people’s awareness about how they can protect and develop children’s health.

Child Health Day was first celebrated in 1928, after the proclamation by President Calvin Coolidge. It was initially observed on May 1 however in 1960, it was moved to the first Monday of October and has been observed on this day every year since then.

Although it is a national observance, it does not have the status of a public holiday.

On Child Health Day, many health organizations and health professionals across the country organize various activities and events aimed at informing parents of the importance of prenatal and newborn care, regular doctor visits, healthy eating and physical activity as well as the means of preventing and treating illnesses and injuries. This national observance is supported by many organizations such as the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Maternal and Child Health Library.

The health of our children should always be of primary importance to us, therefore this important awareness campaign deserves our full support. Why not make use of the many tools available from the many agencies participating in the campaign to educate yourself and your children about good health practices?


Apr 10 2025


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