Childhelp National Day of Hope

Childhelp National Day of Hope

Millions of children are victim to abuse and neglect every year around the globe. Millions more receive preventative aid to avoid further abuse.

Child Help is a charity that provides support to children in need of help. Childhelp National Day of Hope allows you to recall these shocking statistics and do your part in helping others in your local community and around the globe. There are many types of abuse: physical violence, sexual abuse, and neglect.

Childhelp was founded by Yvonne Fedderson, who continues to serve as president and co-founder. She is focused on helping new chapters and auxiliaries to be established and fundraising for them in their localities and abroad.

She is involved in several non-profits that are dedicated to humanitarian assistance. Her awards include the National Children’s Alliance’s Champions of Children Award and the Living Legacy Award. Multiple times she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Award.

Sara O’Meara is the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the organization. She spends time with Yvonne as co-founder, CEO, and Chairman. She has won over 100 awards, just like her partner Yvonne for her work with abused children all around the globe.

Childhelp is a well-known organization with a history of over 50 years. It has used its programs and efforts to aid millions of children all around the globe.

The organization was originally called International Orphans. Its primary focus was on helping the children of Japanese women and soldiers in the 1960s. Children’s Village USA was later renamed, and eventually became Childhelp USA. It is still known as Childhelp USA to this day. Today, Childhelp is the largest child abuse prevention organization.

The hotline, “Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline”, was created by the organization. It is available 24/7 and is staffed with professional crisis counselors. This hotline is available to help children in need by taking calls from their parents, guardians, or anyone who believes they have witnessed abuse in their community.

They can provide contact information and anonymity by collaborating with thousands of social, emergency, and support services. This is all done without the need for any government funding.

This is combined with the ability to offer multiple treatment options for those who have been victims of child abuse. They are most commonly found in residential areas. This is the reason for their name, ‘Children’s Village’. They offer treatment programs to at-risk children who have been referred by the courts. These centers provide therapists and social workers to help the most vulnerable and neglected children.

You can celebrate the Childhelp National Day of Hope with a volunteer at your local chapter. This will help you to raise awareness about child abuse and show you how to deal with situations where it is occurring. A five-wicked candle can be lit in a prominent location to offer hope for those suffering from the trauma of child abuse. Child abuse is a global problem and can only be protected by an international village.


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