Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Whitney Houston sang the number one hit song of the 1980s about children being tomorrow – and she was right! Children of today are the adults and future leaders of the world, and we should give them the best chance to make it a better place.

Children’s Day is a great time to celebrate and enjoy these precious little ones at an important time in their lives.

Children’s Day is celebrated across India to raise awareness and bring attention to the rights, education, and welfare of children.

On November 5, 1948, the first Children’s Day was observed. Originally known as Flower Day, it was renamed Children’s Day. It was originally created to raise funds for the United Nations Appeal for Children through the sale of flower tokens. It was not an annual event at first. However, it was revived in 1954 to raise awareness and funds for the care of underprivileged children.

In honor of Jawaharlal Naehru’s birthday, the date was moved to November 14. Nehru was actually quite famous for his love for children throughout his life. They even called him “Chacha Nehru”, which is Uncle Nehru. Nehru believed that children were the future of India and needed to care for them.

Children’s Day is still observed on Nehru’s Birthday. It is an occasion when many educational programs are held and motivational events are hosted throughout India.

These are some great ideas to help celebrate Children’s Day.

Children need a supportive and caring community. It’s important to make an investment in your children, grandchildren, and other family members. It might be worthwhile to reach out to the community in honor of Children’s Day.

Volunteer with an organization that helps children, whether it’s a tutoring program, mentoring program or teaching them to read. Look online, at your local library or in schools to see if there are any organizations looking for volunteers such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Children Across America.

It’s not difficult to find charities making a difference in children’s lives. However, they often need financial support. You can find a reputable local charity for children that may be in dire need of donations on Children’s Day. You can also consider donating to international and national organizations like Save the Children, the Children’s Health Fund or Children International.

Children’s Day was founded in India so this is an ideal time to travel to India. Children’s Day can be a great opportunity to inspire, whether you’re a tourist looking for the Taj Mahal or a humanitarian aid group that helps children.


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