Chimborazo Day

Chimborazo Day

Sometimes, one’s perception of life can determine what is the largest or tallest thing. Chimborazo, a mountain also known as Mount Chimborazo. Although it is lower than Everest’s elevation, it still has the unique distinction of being the highest point in the world when measured from the Earth‚Äôs core. Chimborazo Day celebrates the (kind of) highest mountain in Equador and its cultural significance in Chimborazo Province. What makes Chimborazo Day so special? Take a look at our site to find out.

Chimborazo was once believed to be the highest mountain in the world. It became, along with Everest, a popular destination for adventurous adventurers willing to attempt the climb and claim themselves heroes for the day. It is one of two points that helped to define the Earth’s shape. This has a significant role in geo history.

A Lapland team worked with the French Geodesic Mission to collect data from the summit of the great volcano. They determined that the earth wasn’t a sphere. It was clear that the Earth had an oval-shaped/flattened form, known as an Oblate Spheroid.

Over 80 years, people attempted to climb the mountain’s peak, but were stopped by the daunting height, steep slopes and dangers of altitude sickness. Alexander von Humbolt, who reached the summit at 5,875m, was the European to have climbed to this highest elevation. Edward Whymper, the man who conquered Chimborazo, was able to scale the mountain’s peak only in 1886.

Set yourself a challenge! Chimborazo Day is a great opportunity to climb tall hills and mountains if you live in an area with many of these. Be cautious, though. For any adventurer, a simple climb up the mountainside to an elevation you have never been is enough! It took nearly 80 years for the Chimborazo explorers to reach its summit. Chimborazo Day is only one day.


Mar 06 2025


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