Clean Comedy Day

Clean Comedy Day

Comedy is built upon crossing social norms and humorly presenting them. However, profanity is not always required to be part of a comedy routine. The best comedy is built on absurdity. But the absurd doesn’t have to be silly. Clean Comedy Day is a celebration of this family-friendly type of comedy. It challenges us to keep our humor clean and still enjoy it.

Clean Comedy Day was created by people who wanted to offer a family-friendly comedy show. It’s important to remember that laughter doesn’t have to be a raucous experience. Clean Comedy Day is celebrated in hundreds of locations around the globe. These competitions challenge comedians to bring a good, wholesome laugh to their audience.

Comedy has a long history. There are instances of comedy performances that can be traced back to 425 BCE in Greece. Aristophanes, a Greek playwright who wrote over 40 comedy plays in his time, of which 11 are still available, was the first professional comedian. There has been a long, respectable history of comedians entertaining with comedy. In many cases, however, clean comedy was the norm. You can’t expect to entertain good people who attend church with jokes that are more appropriate for the locker room.

Clean Comedy Day can be celebrated by attending a local performance, and supporting those who are taking up clean comedy. You can be bold and perform a few jokes yourself if you are really brave. Clean Comedy Day is not about what you do, but you should keep your humor professional and encourage your coworkers and friends to share their best clean jokes.


Apr 01 - 28 2025


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