Clean Your Floors Day

Clean Your Floors Day

It’s possible that it hasn’t gotten so bad in your home yet. However, if you are anything like us, mopping up and sweeping can be something you put off, even after all other cleaning is done. We are not very good at vacuuming. Clean Your Floors Day was created to remind us that scrubbing the floor is as important as cleaning your counters or dishes.

Clean Your Floors Day’s history is primarily about the history of floors and how they were cleaned. While keeping your house clean was an essential chore throughout history, the cleaning methods used to do it were often difficult to understand. Many floors were covered in ‘rushes’ for many years. This was a type plant that made the floor more comfortable to walk on and prevents dirt from your bottoms. It also makes the home smell better. Each year, all the rushes were removed from the home and replaced with new ones.

Rugs were popularized in different cultures at various times. They were meant to keep your feet from the dirt and filth on the floor or to protect you from the cold, unforgiving stones in castles. Things have come a long way since then. While brooms (once known as besoms) were always a nice option, we now have vacuum cleaners and steamers, rubber gloves, scrubbing pads and mops that are all designed to clean different types of floors.

Clean Your Floors Day is celebrated by cleaning up your floor. Clean Your Floors Day can be used to clean any type of floor, including a rug that needs to be beaten to remove all dirt and dust, or a carpet that needs steam-cleaning and vacuuming. Use a cleaner that is compatible with your tile or hardwood floors. Some cleaners can strip the hardwood’s finish and cause it to crack. Clean Your Floors Day doesn’t mean you have to do more work.


Mar 08 2025


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