Cliché Day

Cliché Day

Cliches are phrases that are repeated over and again, or elements of artistic work that appear in movies or music as often. Is there any better Day of the Year than “Cliche Day”? It’s a common theme that comes up repeatedly, just like its nameake. You don’t want to repeat tired old clich√©s out of fear of sounding stupid. This is your chance to eliminate them from your life and not have to think about them until next year.

Cliche Day is the day when you tell your brother to “seize” the day (or just shout ‘YOLO! at random moments), and accuse your spouse being ‘drunk like a skunk. Tell your best friend that she’means everything to you’. It’s all fine and well on this day. So, just go with it.

French is where the word “cliche” came from. The word “cliche” was originally used as an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of a printing plate (also known as a stereotype), from movable type. The word became a synonym for a pre-made phrase, meaning that it can be used as both an adjective or a noun.

Cliches can be irritating because of their predictable nature and lack of true meaning. Cliches can be annoying because they are predictable and lack of meaning. However, they can also make for a great laugh. So why not use Cliche Day to have some fun with them, and get them out your system until next year. This can be done by watching a movie. Romantic comedies and horror movies are rife in cliches that have stopped provoking the emotional response or reaction they intended.

Make sure to get some popcorn and a soft drink. Then, you’ll laugh when that beautiful woman, whose looks were underplayed in the first film, finally changes into clothes and brushes her hair. You can also see the career-obsessed, man who falls for a small-town girl and runs to the airport to announce his love and commitment. He did this just in time for her plane to leave after their breakup and you thought there was no chance for them to be together again.

Or the “meet cute”, where two people accidentally fall in love and find themselves right next to each other. You may prefer horror films. There are plenty of moments where “he’s behind” you in horror movies. Or groups of teens who decide to live in the most dangerous, creepiest cabin in all of the forest. This is where a whole family was murdered last month, and the killer has never been found. We’ll take it! Was that a strange sound in the bushes? Let’s get together and take a look.

“Cliche Day” is only a little bit of fun at the end of it all. It would be insane to allow it to drive you crazy, but that’s just me!


Mar 11 2025


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