Coin Week

Coin Week

The establishment of mint coins has been a significant part of the evolution of cultures and countries over time. It also marks important turning points in human history. Coin Week commemorates these historical moments and encourages people to keep their sense of history alive. Learn more about Coin Week and how you can participate in this fascinating holiday.

Coin Week was established in 1923 by Governor Julius Guttag. Guttag was one of the founding members of the American Numismatic Organization. To increase coin collecting interest and increase membership, Guttag suggested that Coin Week be established for his fellow members. It worked the first year. The first week was a success and helped to establish the annual holiday. After some adjustments to the dates and coordination, the holiday was put in place. It has been an integral part of the organization since then.

The holiday has been celebrated annually since 1923. This holiday celebrates the fascinating history of coinage and encourages people to collect coins. Coins have been used to mark important historical moments, including the Peace Dollar after World War II, commemorative coins for specific years of the Olympics, as well as dollars that were created to remember significant individuals across cultures. Coin Week is about history sharing, teaching others about it, and inspiring others to do so.

Are you looking to start a new hobby? Find out the location of your local coin club and learn how you can get started with collecting historic and vintage coins. The American Numismatic Organization offers a variety of contests and opportunities for you to participate. This holiday can be shared on social media with the hashtag #coinweek. You’ll also find people online who have accumulated a lifetime of coin collecting experience.


Apr 17 - 23 2025


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