Columbus Day

Although it is impossible to determine if Christopher Columbus discovered America wearing a blue and white shirt with sailor stripes, we will continue to enjoy it because it has the pure fun factor. Although the holiday has been controversial in recent years, we can still learn about its celebration and why Columbus is such an important figure in history.

The United States, Puerto Rico, parts of Canada and parts of Italy observe Columbus Day. It marks the arrival of Columbus to the New World. says that the day commemorates Columbus’ discoveries and his Italian-Spanish heritage.

In 1792, New York’s Colombian Order Tammany Hall held an event to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the historic landing. It was not officially recognized during this period, but it became a federal holiday under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937.

Most researchers believe he landed in Central America and South America, rather than the Americas’ northern regions. He believed that he had landed in Asia.

Recent arguments have made this holiday controversial, given the fact that he enslaved many natives there and the issue that previous explorers such as the Vikings discovered the lands before him.

However, schools still teach about the holiday. This holiday is also known as El DAa de la Raza, which celebrates the diversity of Latin America’s people. Schools in larger cities often host fiestas that can last several days.

You can find out more about Christopher Columbus’ history and how he came to be so well-known in modern culture if you want to celebrate the occasion. Learn about Columbus’ legacy through essays and other sources. It is best to examine the images in your life to get a better understanding.

This article will explain why Americans celebrate Columbus Day, as well as why some minorities do so. It will also show you how the previous generations celebrated it, if any at all. Columbus Day is a great day to remember him, regardless of his opinions as a person.


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