Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day

Many cultures have had traditional coming-of-age ceremonies and rituals throughout history. These can include the Quinceanera, which celebrates a 15-year-old girl becoming a woman in Latin American culture, or the Jewish tradition of celebrating the bar mitzvah (or bat mitzvah) when a child turns thirteen.

Many cultures also have their own traditions of coming of age, including the Japanese official celebration of Coming of Age Day!

The rituals that are performed at the moment when a child becomes an adults can vary depending on culture and religion. Modern celebrations often include a party or other festivities. The celebration might take place on the individual’s actual birthday or it might include all the children of the same ages celebrating together, similar to a West graduation party.

That’s exactly what happens in Japan on Coming of Age Day!

Although Japan has a long tradition of celebrating the turning of a child into an adult, the official celebration of Coming of Age Day dates back to 1948. This day was originally set for January 15, and it was observed for many decades. The Happy Monday System was established in 2000 and the day was moved to the second Monday in January.

The age was 20 for seventy-years. However, it was decided that in 2018, the age would be reduced to 18-years-old in Japan. It is also celebrated for everyone who was born between April 2 and April 1 of the following year. These young people can legally smoke, drink alcohol and vote in elections. They can also drive and gamble, which is what teenagers long for!

This important Japanese holiday is known as Seijin no Hi, or Adults Day.

Participants often wear traditional kimonos when attending ceremonies for Coming of Age Day. These kimonos are often made of silk and often embroidered with or woven in special patterns that represent flowers and nature. This ornamental style goes beyond clothing and can be seen with special hairstyles, makeup and shoes.

These Coming of Age Day celebrations are often held in high schools gyms or city halls. Here speeches are made, local officials are present, and small gifts are given to the young adults. The young adults can celebrate by themselves, going to bars and going to parties.

You can have a great time celebrating Coming of Age Day with all kinds of fun activities. These are some fun ways to celebrate the day.

Parents, teachers, and other significant figures in the lives young adults might want to host a gathering for those who are coming of age. School staff and teachers might consider making Coming of Age Day a school tradition. It might include a ceremony where awards and gifts are presented to students who are turning adult. Each student could be given a novel about coming of age.

You might consider showing a coming-of-age movie as entertainment. Perhaps Coming of Age Day is simply a celebration that involves a party with snacks, drinks and dancing to celebrate this significant occasion.

There are many ways to celebrate Coming of Age Day with the coming of age movie genre. These entertaining and informative movies will make the day even more enjoyable.

You can visit Japan, the country where all the Coming of Age Day magic takes place – it is beautiful! You can choose from Osaka, Kyoto, or Tokyo. Perhaps you should consider visiting Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain of Japan), Mt. Tate or Mt. Haku.

Japan is home to one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world. It also has futuristic skyscrapers and natural bamboo forests, majestic mountains, and serene shrines and temples. Although winter in Japan can be quite cold, you can still enjoy hot sake while there.


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