Commitment Day

Commitment Day

I will. I will. I promise. I vow. I swear.

Commitment is a beautiful thing. Commitment Day allows you to show someone special how much you care by making a commitment to them.

Perhaps you have an activity that you’ve been wanting to try, but never got around to. For a while, you’ve been meaning to start or stop something. This is your chance to say “right, that’s all, I’m going after it and I will stick with it!”

Since its inception, Commitment Day has been celebrated for many years. Because commitment is a beautiful thing. The first known Commitment Day was celebrated in 1960 as an extension of the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions–however, commitments are different from resolutions in that they are more often made to people, so they can benefit others as well as you!

Your commitment must be to at least one person in your life. This is your promise to fulfill. Perhaps you have been in a relationship with the same person for many years, but you never asked them to get married. Maybe the whole thing seemed too daunting. If the two of you feel this way, it’s okay to decide not to get married.

If your partner is looking for romance, even small, it might be time to end the relationship.

Maybe it is not your partner that needs more commitment. Perhaps it is your children who you always wish to spend more time with but never get to. While your job is important as it provides shelter for your family and helps pay for their other needs, sometimes a child just needs to be with his or her parents.

Perhaps your children are often saying that they wish you spent more time with them. You can promise your children an hour of your time each day and then keep it up. Whether you are riding a bicycle with them, talking to them in the park, or sharing a banana split at a local ice cream parlor, you’ll never regret spending that time getting closer to your kids.

Your children will be able to show you trust by sharing their secrets with you or asking your advice. This is something that every parent should treasure.

This day could be used to make a commitment to an activity. For example, you could decide to start a diet or take up a yoga class. Then commit to it. You will feel more satisfied when you know you can make a lasting decision.

Commitment Day, in other words, is the perfect time to make that sincere pledge and see it through!


Jan 01 2025


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