Confucius Day

Confucius is China’s most famous teacher. He was born in the middle of the Spring and Fall Periods, which runs from 770-481 BC. Confucius believed he could make the world right and embarked on a long journey to self exile in search of a government to serve him. But he never found one.

He was a teacher for many years and took on students who learned from him. This teacher and philosopher had a significant impact on Chinese society and culture, both in his lifetime and going forward.

Confucianism is his name for his philosophical teachings. They encompass virtues such as morality, justice and kindness, humility and sincerity in social relationships.

Confucius wrote the Five Classics to encourage students in music, culture and philosophy. His teachings and guidance left behind a legacy that included rules and practices, which were then organized by his students into select sayings (Analects). His school of philosophy was still run by his students after he passed away.

Confucius Day is celebrated on September 28th, the anniversary of Confucius’ birth. This day offers an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and education.

This day is also known as Teacher’s Day in China or Taiwan because of his status as teacher. His only requirement was that the student be eager to learn.

Confucius Day offers many ways to enjoy the day and pay homage. These are some ideas to celebrate Confucius Day:

It is a great way to celebrate Confucius Day by spending some time reading the quotes and writings of Confucius. These writings are complex and not easy to read. It is better to read and think slowly about one quote than to try to learn everything from the entire body of his work.

Confucius Day is a great time to take in the cultural and natural beauty of China. Qufu (Shandong), China is the birthplace of this renowned teacher. The grand celebrations begin at 4 AM!

The Confucius Temple is Qufu’s main venue for traditional costumes, music, ancient instruments playing, dancing and other activities. The temple hosts rituals and thousands of people take part in them. Street stalls sell food and other goods for everyone.

Do you want to learn a new language? Why not Chinese? It might be a good idea to learn a few words in Chinese, as it is the national language of Confucius.


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