Constitution Day

Constitution Day

Constitution Day is celebrated on the 17th of September. This day marks the anniversary of the signing of the US constitution. This document was the result of years of hard work and compromise by the Constitutional Convention delegates. The goal was to reach an agreement between the states that would give a central government the power of enforcing its decisions, and allow the USA to be an international force while still maintaining an acceptable level of independence within each state.

The foundation for the development and operation of the USA today is the constitution of 1787. It prides itself on its roots in democracy and rights, and the social contract. While some aspects of the constitution were contested over time as attitudes changed, the core elements of the constitution have not been.

It is highly encouraged to educate about the constitution, especially on Constitution Day. Federal funding requires schools and other educational institutions to teach the history and principles of the American Constitution on Constitution Day. However, universities and colleges are encouraged to celebrate the constitution with leisure events such as ‘Constitution Trivia Quiezes’ and community fairs. You can also find Constitution-based merchandise in a variety of forms, including free paperbacks and t-shirts featuring quotes from the Constitution.

Get involved in the learning of Constitution Day. Learn about the history and background that created the USA. Then, get the t-shirt.


Sep 17 2024


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