Cordova Iceworm Festival Week

Cordova Iceworm Festival Week

A strange creature lives deep within Alaska’s glacial ice, and it even has its own festival. Its name is reminiscent of a fairy tale, and it thrives in conditions that are hostile to all other forms of life.

This is the Iceworm. A festival is held every year to honor this creature and lift spirits of residents.

The first Iceworm Festival was held in 1961, when local city planners decided that it was important to celebrate the town’s heritage and the discovery that an unusual creature lived in nearby snowfields and glaciers. The first event featured a contest to design the mascot. The winner received $15 and a place in the parade.

The final result was spectacular. It measured one-hundred feet long and fifty-feet in length, with a huge head and fierce eyes and 74 legs to carry it. The Iceworm was vibrantly colored and inspiring, and it won the hearts of all the locals.

A special fishing competition was held off the city docks. There was also a beard-growing contest in which all local men were required to take part. And there was an Iceworm Queen beauty pageant.

A ski race was held from Mile 5 Bridge to the Davis Store to show the crazy nature of the holiday. This race allowed cheating, short cuts and all other forms of cheating. These were just a few of the amazing events that made this holiday so popular with the Cordovians. They would continue to honor it every year.

It is best to go to Cordova, Alaska, and spend the holiday there. The mighty Iceworm knows that not everyone can make it. However, other celebrations are possible.

You can host a local race, tell the Iceworm’s story, hold a fishing contest at your local fishing spots, and tell your friends about the Iceworm. The Iceworm will be delighted that they are so captivated by this amazing event.


Feb 04 - 11 2025


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