Cornish Pasty Week

Cornish Pasty Week

Many bakers love pastries. You can find them in many forms, including tarts, croissants and cannolis as well as macaroons and baklava. The Cornish pasty is a special pastry that is often overlooked in Britain. Cornish Pasty Week celebrates the rich history and tradition of this tasty treat.

Cornish pasties are a Cornish invention that originated in Cornwall, England. They were created for Cornish miners back in the 19th century. Cornish pasties were created so that miners could have a simple, hearty lunch at work.

A thick crust is necessary to keep the contents warm and prevent contamination. They are often made with either a sweet jam or savory meat filling. A Cornish pasty usually has a puff pastry crust or shortbread crust. It is usually made with minced meats and diced vegetables.

It can be filled with delicious jams, and baked to perfection.

Each year, more than 120 million pasties get made. So why not celebrate the Cornish pasty! Cornish Pasty Week was established in 2018 by Cornish Pasties Association. This organization celebrates the uniqueness and history of the Cornish pasty.

It hosted many events throughout Britain to celebrate and share the Cornish pasty. From that point on, it was a popular holiday. People were able enjoy delicious Cornish pasties and learn more about the history of Britain through various events.

Cornish Pasty Week is celebrated by browsing online for the best Cornish pasty recipes. You can give your children a favorite recipe as they go to school or to your spouse as they get to work.

You can give them to your coworkers or bring them along with you everywhere you go. Use the hashtag #CornishPastyWeek to share this holiday with your friends and let them know it’s time for some pasties.


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