Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

Even though it drives IT staff crazy, everyone is guilty of eating at their keyboards. The result is that the space between them gets filled up with the crumbs from our past. Crackers Over The Keyboard Day invites you to stop pretending and just eat crackers on your keyboard!

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day was created by Tom and Ruth Roy, crazy holiday people from Although they are not the most pleasant for the keyboard, it is possible to get crumbs and other items in there. However, they are generally harmless. It is likely to contain more biological ickiness that the office toilet. It is the one that gets cleaned by office staff every night.

Tom has made a living for years as an actor and talk show host on radio. His wife, who is a brilliant college administrator and actress, works in the same field. She also sells herbs via mail order. Crackers Over The Keyboard Day just one of their crazy holidays. What is the most fascinating thing we discovered about your keyboard? It bears striking similarities to what is happening in your stomach and nose when you look at the germs and other things that grow there.

Start with a simple experiment to celebrate Crackers over the Keyboard Day. To stop stuff falling out, flip your keyboard upside-down and tap it on the desk. This will take some time. After you are done, take a look at the debris. It will likely contain food crumbs, dead skin and hair strands. You might find the stapler you were looking for a while back. You can then start munching on it to increase your collection. This is how Crackers Over The Keyboard Day can be celebrated.


Aug 01 - 28 2024


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