Curling Is Cool Day

Curling Is Cool Day

Curling is Cool Day does not cater to people with naturally glistening, spiralling hair. Oh, no, no! It’s the day George Clooney & Bruce Springsteen can play their favorite sport and call it cool. Many of us will wonder what all the fuss is about. But if you are a curling fan, then Jove do you owe them a huge thank you!

Curling is a Scottish game that was developed in the 1500’s. The Canadians seem to excel at it, if the Winter Olympic Games are any indication. It involves placing a stone on the ice and moving the ice around to make sure the stone lands on a target. There’s more. Special shoes are worn by the sweepers, one that slides and one which doesn’t. The stone looks more like a 40-pound granite bomb and suspiciously like a macaroon. They are slightly more advanced than the ordinary sweepers of the 1900s. They are not at all reminiscent of a witches broom. Instead of the traditional frozen lake surface floors, the floors are made from ice sheets with vinyl markings beneath. However, the concept is still very similar. You launch, sweep, and score.

The game’s intricacies will not keep you awake at nights, but they will keep your children entertained. So why not send them out in the cold to have a blast with a rock? You’ll need to get together to play, as two teams of four must participate. Gather your friends and family for a bonspiel to find out why everyone and his uncle played this game. The competition is not the most competitive in sports. Don’t waste your time. Find out why MC Hammer has nothing to do in curling!


Feb 23 2025


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