D.B. Cooper Day

Are you interested in intrigue and mysteries? You’ve come to the right place if you are interested in mysteries and intrigue. D.B. is all about mystery. Cooper Day. This day was organized by Cooper Day, an organization that honors an airplane hijacker whose identity has not been revealed.

In 1971, a man escaped from a prison by hijacking an airplane. The ticket was purchased by a Dan Cooper, which turned out be an alias. However, the name of the mystery man became D.B. Cooper – Initials resulting from a transcription error by a news reporter.

D.B., the man responsible for the only unsolved hijacking of an airplane in American history. Cooper flew from Portland to Seattle for $20. He left the plane with $200,000 and a briefcase. Then he parachuted out. In today’s dollars, this amount of money would have been worth more than $1.4 million.

“Cooper” allegedly told a flight attendant that he had a bomb, and demanded money. It is believed that he landed in a small Washington town called Ariel near Lake Merwin. D.B. has become famous for his small village of Ariel. Cooper is now the home of D.B. Cooper Day is celebrated each year on the exact same day.

Washington’s D.B. Day is celebrated at Ariel. Cooper Day is celebrated and we look at evidence such as the 1980 money found in the Columbia River. Additional clues point to Cooper’s niece and what is believed to have been Cooper’s necktie.

Participate in the observation of the curious and mysterious D.B. These ideas are part of Cooper Day

You can join in the mystery and fun by visiting Ariel, Washington. Stop by the Ariel General Store or Tavern to find out what is happening. D.B. Cooper Day is celebrated with socializing, mystery solving and panel discussions. Join the fun and make a visit to the town associated with the mysterious disappearance, robbery, and hijacking.

You might even enjoy a beer at Victor 23 Craft Brewery. It was named after the flight path of D.B.’s plane. Cooper hijacked. This pub celebrates the Pacific Northwest’s history by serving beers such as the Skyjacker IPA or the Schaffner Pilsner Pilsner.

D.B. Cooper Day is a day for those who feel sleuthy and want to find the truth about this cold case that has been going on for 50 years. You never know what clues you might find.


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