Darwin Day

It was a pivotal moment in human history when we started to look at ourselves and life in a different way. This changed how we saw ourselves and how we see the world. It was humbling and aggrandizing to discover that we were connected to all forms of life on Earth.

This was the moment Charles Darwin introduced the Law of Natural Selection to the forefront of science. We began to see how everything was connected.

Darwin’s theories are fundamental in understanding life and the various species that make up the world today. Charles Robert Darwin was born 1809 in Shrewsbury in England. He received his education at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He became a naturalist and geologist, which would ultimately have an impact on the thinking of millions around the globe.

Darwin was fascinated at the variety and diversity of fossils found around the globe, as well the many species that were present. He embarked on a five year voyage on the Beagle, to explore the globe and learn more about life. He made important discoveries in the Galapagos Islands.

Darwin’s theories suggested that certain species evolved from other species and that man had an ancestor similar to the primates. Although his theories were initially rejected by scientists at the time, they became more accepted with more data being collected and more species discovered. His theories were further pushed by DNA research, which enabled scientists to discover the connections between the species and the genes that made them.

Although Darwin’s birthday is celebrated every February 12th for many years, it was only established as a day in 1990. The founders intended it to be a celebration of Darwin’s achievements, as well as other scientific achievements by mankind.

You can enjoy Darwin Day in many different ways, solo or with a group. It all depends on your personal preferences. These ideas can help you make fun and educational plans to celebrate Darwin Day.

Learning is enjoyable, especially when it is hands-on. It doesn’t matter if you visit a Museum of Natural History, or a Science Museum. This is a great way of showing your appreciation for Mr. Darwin’s scientific pursuits.

It can be fun to gather friends to discuss the theory of evolution and creation as part of Darwin Day. You can make it a book club by reading some Darwin’s writings or books about Darwin’s ideas.

Poetry, painting, drawing and sculpting are all ways to unleash creativity. Organise a Darwin-inspired art competition at work or with your friends. Only one rule: The theme must be related to evolution, the origins or animals of humans, or how the planet is moving forward. Have fun and be creative.

Don’t forget to give the title of “Survivor of the Fittest”, to the winner!

A film is a great way to save time and if you don’t want (or have no time) for reading books on Darwin and his theories. These films can be enjoyed alone or in a group with friends.

For some, Darwin Day might be best celebrated by studying evolution and becoming familiar with the concept of Natural Selection. This concept is often misunderstood. People mistakenly believe that “Survival of the Fittest” means “Survival of the Best”, and fail to understand what “fittest” means for certain circumstances. It boils down to this: if a member survives to pass its genes on, those genes will be the ones that shape the new species. It can eventually become a new species, if it has enough good mutations. Continue reading! You don’t have to know everything about the ancestors.


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