Debt Awareness Week

What is Debt Awareness Week?
Launched by StepChange Debt Charity in 2014, Debt Awareness Week (DAW) is aimed at increasing awareness of problem debt, and the advice and solutions available to help.

This year, our focus is on destigmatising debt, and starting a conversation around the issue, particularly for those who may find themselves in need of debt advice for the first time.

We hope this will be an interesting and highly relevant time to run DAW, against the backdrop of the ongoing effects of the pandemic and a sharp increase in the cost of living. Wednesday 23rd March will also be the second anniversary of the first Covid lockdown.
When is Debt Awareness Week 2022?
This year Debt Awareness Week begins on the 21st of March and runs until the 27th.
How to get involved in Debt Awareness Week 2022
Debt Awareness Week is a great time to raise awareness about the work that StepChange do in supporting people struggling with debt. Whether you’re looking for advice yourself or making that first step on behalf of a friend or family member, StepChange has more than 25 years’ experience providing free, expert debt advice. Offering the widest range of practical debt solutions of any provider in the UK you can get more information at


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