Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Most speech disorders are diagnosed using generic terms. There is no explanation or cause for why a child has difficulty speaking.

While disabilities such as ADHD, autism, and dyslexia are more well-known, it is difficult to know what the future implications of a child being diagnosed with a generic disorder like speech disorders.

Awareness Day for Developmental Language Disorders is about helping people with a speech disorder to have a voice and educate others about the term.

In September 2017, the Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, or DLD Day, was established to introduce new terminology for speech disorders.

The campaign “DLD 1-2-3” promoted awareness and spread knowledge about DLD. A developmental language disorder is a condition in which a young person or child has trouble understanding and speaking.

Although terms like developmental aphasia and specific language impairment have been used historically as diagnoses, the term Developmental Language Disorder has been around for many years.

According to studies, DLD can be attributed to genetics. The belief that DLD is due to parents not talking to their children doesn’t have any support.

Problems such as unemployment, academic difficulties, and mental health problems. The holiday was established in 2017 to promote and provide clear guidelines for how it should be used.

People can learn more about DLD on this day and sign up to be DLD ambassadors if they have personal or professional experience. This day, people can also make donations to the website and spread awareness via social media.

Thank the speech and language therapists for their tireless efforts to improve speech skills in children as young as possible. Print out posters and hand out fact sheets to spread awareness.

Sign up to be an ambassador and host an event in your local school. You can help a child with a speech disorder or someone you know by telling them the term.


Oct 18 2024


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