Dim Sum Week

Dim Sum Week

Dim Sum is often mistaken for a specific dish. In fact, Dim Sum can be described as a style or cuisine that serves small portions of food on small plates or steamer boxes. Dim Sum is one of the best Chinese Food experiences that you will ever experience. Dim Sum Week gives you the opportunity to try this delicious cuisine and discover its secrets!

Dim Sum Week was started by a group of people who realized that Dim Sum Week was not something they knew. Many people think Dim Sum is just a type or dumpling. But, it is actually a whole style of cuisine that is often served in a full-day tea brunch. Dim Sum can be made with any number of different dishes as long as they are small and serve in a steamer or small plate.

You’re certain to find Dim Sum dishes like barbecued pork rice rolls and shrimp dumplings. All of these items are Dim Sum, believe it or not! These are small pieces you can enjoy with a cup of green tea. If you don’t know what Dim Sum is, you can now learn!

There are so many Dim Sum options to choose from, the best way to celebrate is to try something new! You can also make your own Dim Sum if you are a Dim Sum expert and have an inclination to do amazing things in the kitchen. Either you can try a classic recipe or create a new flavor combination. You shouldn’t let Dim Sum Week go by without celebrating this amazing style of food.


Nov 01 - 07 2024


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