Disabled Access Day

Disabled Access Day takes part every two years and is all about trying something new – 2023 is the next event #YouAndSomewhereNew.

In 2015 Disabled Access Day began as a day to celebrate good access and created opportunities for people to try something new. The day was about highlighting the fantastic access that already exists in places, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences, level access and of course a warm welcome!

When is the next Disabled Access Day?

The next Disabled Access Day takes place in 2022. If you are interested in getting involved, sign up today to receive all the news from the Disabled Access Day team.

Who is behind Disabled Access Day?

Disabled Access Day is sponsored by Euan’s Guide: a listing and review site that helps disabled people, their friends and families know which venues that are accessible.

Kiki MacDonald, Co-Founder of Euan’s Guide, explains: “We were inspired by the idea of Disabled Access Day and the potential for it to increase the numbers of conversations between venues and disabled people, as well as to raise the profile of disabled access. We were delighted by the backing from many venues, organisations and businesses that got involved, in particular their appetite to improve their own accessibility and to get more feedback from disabled people.”

Find out more about Euan’s Guide on their website www.euansguide.com.

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