Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day

Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day

Dissociative identity disorder is a relatively recent disorder that psychiatrists are learning more about because it’s often not diagnosed in the general population. It can be frightening for those with it to find out that their mental disorders have a name.

Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness day aims to alleviate those fears and spread awareness about it to the public. It also aims to educate and promote understanding and compassion.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (originally called Multiple Personality Disorder) is a medical condition that causes memory loss, out-of-body experiences, emotional disconnect, and lack of self identity.

The National Alliance of Mental Illness states that only 2% of Americans experience these symptoms and have been diagnosed. In the beginning, it was known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Originally, psychiatrists diagnosed patients with at least two personalities.

Today’s definition of Dissociative Identity Disorder includes multiple personalities but also includes many other symptoms like depression, anxiety, dissociative episodes, and trauma.

When it comes to celebrating Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness day, there are two main goals. It can serve as a way for those affected by the disorder to be empowered, share their stories and find better ways to love and accept themselves in a world that doesn’t know or understand this type of disorder.

The second goal is to increase awareness and help others understand Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Although research today has confirmed the existence of the disorder in some cases, few people are aware of it due to its rarity. This day is dedicated to changing that and making it more widely known as a valid condition that deserves to be understood by all.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is something you may be dealing with. Talk to your family and friends about your experiences. Talk to your therapist about managing the disorder.

Follow your favorite medical websites to learn more about the disorder. To spread awareness, you might reflect on the meaning of the disorder and create flyers to distribute around your neighborhood.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #dissociativeidentitydisorderawarenessday and let your friends know what day it is today.


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