Don’t Make Your Bed Day

Don’t Make Your Bed Day

Don’t Make Your Bed Day is one of the most hilarious holidays. The petition that a fifth-grader from New Mexico wrote to Congress to stop it being made is one of the funniest things you’ll ever read.

Unless you are a bit of a clean freak, Don‚Äôt Make Your Bed Day will be something you‚Äôll be happy about. Some of you may even celebrate Don’t Make Your Bed Day every single day! You don’t want to make your bed every morning when you get up.

This is especially true if you are a little restless. It’s possible to spend an entire hour searching for your pillow. You don’t have to make your bed, but you can do so on this day. Children are jubilant all around!

The concept of Don’t Make Your Bed Day is admittedly new and was based on a petition that an elementary school boy submitted to Congress. It says:

Shannon Barba is my name and I live in Tijeras (New Mexico). I am in fifth grade at Calvary Christian Academy.

I am writing to you asking for your assistance in establishing Don’t Make Your Bed Day. Since I was four years old, I have made my own bed every single day. My parents are proud that I do this. Sometimes, though, I get tired of making my beds. It’s not just grown-ups who get tired of making their bed. Everyone in this country would be happy to have a day when they don’t have the responsibility of making their beds and not feel guilty about it. Because it is the shortest day in the year, I recommend December 21st. We spend the most time in bed on that day so it would be nice to make it clean.

I appreciate your assistance and request that you send me a reply letting me know if you can pass a Bill to make a Don’t Make Your Bed Day.

I’ve been in touch with my senator from the state, but he stated that Congress is currently occupied with other pressing matters. While I appreciate that, I still want to continue my campaign. Although Senator Udall stated that I don’t need to make my bed on December 21, I still care about the safety of all children in this country.

It is considered rebellion by most adults, including a surprising number of grownups, to not make the bed.

Shannon may be right to say that kids get tired of making beds. Many people believe that making your own bed is a waste of time.

This reasoning is hard to dispute. It seems impossible to get enough sleep. Depriving yourself of ten extra minutes in the morning when it is most precious seems absurd.

You don’t have to make your bed every day, but you can celebrate Don’t Make Your Bed Day by not making it. Try not to do many other things grownups take as a given in their well-ordered worlds. You might also consider skipping your morning coffee. You shouldn’t drink too much caffeine, right? Maybe you don’t have to do your hair or make up; no one has to look flawless all the time. Don’t Make Your Bed Day is a day to relax and let go of the rigid “rules‚Äù that dictate our lives. Allow yourself to live a little

Adults can use this day to buy a brand new bed. There are many things to consider when buying a bed. Consider the comfort, look, price, size, and frame material of your bed. All these decisions should be carefully considered as you are spending your hard-earned money.

There are three options when it comes to material. There are three main options for material: metal, wood, or leather. Metal beds frames are becoming increasingly popular because they are the most affordable. A metal bed frame is affordable, but it offers high quality.

Because they are extremely durable and strong, metal bed frames will last for a long time. Because of their timeless, traditional, and authentic style, wooden bed frames have been very popular for a long period. This bed frame’s appearance is not all that good. The warmth that wood adds to a room is evident, and it is a highly desired feature for a bedroom.

Whether you make your bed every day or invest in a new one, share photos on social media to spread the word about Don’t Make Your Bed Day. People post photos of their bedrooms on Instagram when it looks the best. It is usually when the room is clean and tidy. However, it can be refreshing for people to share photos of messy beds or photos of your bed in a skip while they wait for your new one. It’s a lot of fun and will bring a smile to a few faces.


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