Dribble to Work Day

Dribble to Work Day

People across the country were encouraged to dribble in preparation for the announcement about the NCAA Women’s Basketball teams. Basketball fans put their skills to the test by dribbling their way to work. You can share videos and have fun with your friends. All of this builds up to the excitement for supporting your favorite teams in the finals. Let’s celebrate this day by getting a basketball and learning about the history behind Dribble to Work Day.

Dribble to Work Day was first advertised by the NCAA Women’s Basketball League to increase excitement for “Selection Monday”, when judges announce their picks for the four best women’s college basketball teams to advance to the NCAA Women’s Final Four basketball tourney. The Tampa Bay Local Organizing Committee (and the Tampa Bay Sports Commission) organized this holiday in 2015. People all over the world have posted videos on social media of themselves “dribbling” to work with excitement.

The hashtag #WFFDribble became popular that year. The Local Organizing Committee selected the best video to be shown on the NCAA Women’s Final Four court at Amalie Arena. According to The Business of Sports the holiday’s first year was a success. It had three local TV stations covering it, almost 700 social media posts using #WFFDribble and generated nearly 5 million social media impressions. Since then, this holiday has been in existence for several years. The NCAA monitors the progress of women’s basketball teams towards their goal of reaching the finals. These teams are crucial as the locations for each year’s NCAA Women’s Final Four vary every year.

You might find it boring to go to work if you enjoy playing basketball but hate the thought of dribbling to work. Dribble anywhere you like, from the sidewalk to the subway to the bus station to the bus stop, and across the street to the subway. You don’t have to go to work if you want to have fun. This can be done any day for exercise, but this is a day to have some fun with a basketball. You can show your support by dribbling for women’s basketball, or just for fun. Buy a basketball if you don’t already have one.


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