Dying to Know Day

Dying to Know Day

We all will eventually die. It’s just part of the nature of life. Dying to Know Day aims to ease the transition from life to death for everyone. It encourages conversations and reminds people that they can still have fun while being serious.

Andrew Anastasios’ book Dying to know: Bringing Death To Life was published in 2010. It offered a humorous look at the idea that we should have conversations about death. There are many conversation starters in the book to help get rid of some of the awkwardness.

Groundswell Project was founded in Australia, inspired by the book. It works with individuals, communities, and organizations to improve people’s experiences of death, care, and grief.

The Groundswell Project developed Dying to Know Day, also known as D2K Day. It is believed that death conversations are taboo. However, they don’t have to be. Although having these difficult conversations ahead of time can feel awkward or uncomfortable, it can help reduce the pain felt by loved ones when someone dies.

Dying to Know Day is about relieving stress and normalizing discussions about death.

It is easy to observe Dying to Know Day, which offers families and loved ones the opportunity to be prepared. These are some ways you can honor Dying To Know Day.

Talking about the end of life in advance can help ensure that family members and friends are following the wishes of the person. Talks can be held with spouses, partners, parents, and adult children to ensure that they are ready for what comes next.

Many people have used Anastasios’ Dying to Know book to spark conversations about topics like what they want if someone is terminally ill, or how they would prefer their funeral to be planned. You might also consider these important topics for Dying to Know Day conversations:

People often feel they can give a gift to their loved ones or children by planning ahead for the end of life. This activity can help ease the pain of someone who is grieving, whether they choose and purchase burial plots, or make other arrangements.

Anyone who wants to host an event in their community, school, or group can access free resources from Dying to Know. This website, which is also available on social media, contains promotional resources, event registration, stories and inspiration, flyer graphics, and more.


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