Education and Sharing Day

What is Education and Sharing Day 2019 and when is it?
Founded by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, Education and Sharing Day 2022 is on April 12th, and is an annual USA day of observance.

Education and Sharing Day was founded in honour of, and on the 80th Birthday of, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, commonly known as ‘The Rebbe’, who was considered to be one of the greatest 20th Century spiritual leaders.

Education and Sharing Day falls on the 11th of the Jewish month of Nissan each year, and as the Jewish and Gregorian Calendars are different and don’t synchronize, the date of Education and Sharing Day on the Western Calendar is different each year, but it is usually during March or April.

Education and Sharing Day honours the Rabbi’s commitment to improving Judaism and mankind through culture and education, especially by founding centres for culture, education and socialisation for young Jewish people. These centres are known as Chabad Houses, and are mainly located on or near university campuses. Chabad houses are still going strong and providing community and culture for Jewish Students.

But Shneerson’s work wasn’t limited to Jewish youth, he made a significant contribution to the education and betterment of the population in general. And that is also honoured on Education and Sharing Day.

Education and Sharing Day is marked by events and parades, some parades are quite big and well known, for example the parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, which is run by Tzivos Hashem (Jewish Child International).

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