Eiffel Tower Day

Eiffel Tower Day

Eiffel Tower Day is an annual holiday celebrating the magnificent monument that proudly stands in Paris. This day commemorates the completion of Eiffel Tower, which was built in 1889. It took 2 years, 2 mois and 5 days to complete.

It was built for the International Exhibition of Paris during the 100th anniversary of France’s Revolution. The name of the building is Gustave Eiffel, the principal engineer. You can celebrate this historic day by making plans to visit the landmark and stopping for a bite at Le 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. There are many ways to celebrate, even if you aren’t in Paris.

Wear clothing or jewelry with the Eiffel Tower motif, bake an Eiffel Tower-themed cake, and invite your friends to enjoy it. Or, throw a picnic party complete with French flags, treats, and other goodies to get everyone in the Eiffel Tower spirit.


Mar 01 - 31 2025


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