Electronic Greetings Day

Electronic Greetings Day

Do you remember those cute, funny, and downright offensive electronic greeting cards that used be in your inbox? If you didn’t know, there is actually an entire day dedicated to electronic greetings. That day is called Electronic Greetings Day.

The advent of electronic greetings was inevitable due to technology becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives over the past few decades. It’s possible that you remember those electronic greeting cards back in the 1990s, when almost everyone in America had a personal computer. While those graphics may look dated today, it was quite exciting to receive an animated greeting card via email.

While electronic greetings such as Facebook stickers and other electronic messages dominate this field these days, the concept is still very much the same. Electronic greetings will be around for a long time, so why not give them their own day? We are unable to find any information about the exact date of Electronic Greetings Day. Therefore, we will speculate that it was created by websites selling e-cards sometime in the late 1990s or mid-2000s.

We’d assume you are already connected to the internet and reading this. It should be simple enough to visit an electronic greeting card website to send animated cards to your family and friends right now.

You can send an e-card yourself if you haven‚Äôt received any e-cards recently. Although the e-card genre might seem outdated, you should consider that stickers you can send to instant messengers (like Telegram and Facebook) are an evolution of the same idea. E-cards are not dead. There are many websites that offer a variety of e-cards to suit any occasion. Electronic Greetings Day is the perfect opportunity to send an e-card to someone you don’t know.


Nov 29 2024


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