English Language Day

It began as a quiet language on small islands off the coast from Western Europe. Over time, it developed slowly and then spread to other parts of the globe. The explosion of colonialism was what made it spread like wildfire. It was the language of the once most powerful country in the world, and it has been used in commerce throughout the world. English Language Day celebrates the language, its history and its peculiarities.

The Angles are the first to have the English Language. The Angles, a West Germanic tribe, found their way to England. Their name comes from the Anglia peninsula which juts into the Baltic Sea. It has adopted grammar, tones and words from every language it’s come in contact with since its conception. Some people argue that English is not a language by itself, but a combination of all the languages it has come in contact with.

English has become so powerful that it is the Lingua Franca for the entire world. It brings together people for communication and trade, and serves as a second language requirement in nearly every country. English is now the official language in nearly 60 countries around the globe, and seems to be growing with each passing year.

It is also one of the most difficult languages to learn as second language. Japanese will be competing with it for this award. It is not surprising that it includes words such as their, there, or they’re. Or when the plural for goose is geese but the plural for moose… moose. English Language Day celebrates the history, future and strangeness of this language.

Learn more about English Language Day and the history of words you may not use right now. Find out where and how it is used. You might be able to help someone who is learning English, or learn more about the various variations. There are many colloquialisms and slang differences between American English, UK English and Scots English. It would be fascinating to see how a language can be so varied and still be considered one language. English Language Day allows you to do exactly that!


Apr 23 2025


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