English Wine Week

Ah, English wine the most famous of all the continental blends. Yet sarcasm aside, it’s not exactly a small industry any more. According to Wines of Great Britain the organisers of English Wine Week there are no fewer than 577 vineyards across the UK. While the colder climes might be a little sparser on the wine front Scotland has four, the north has 19 and Wales has 23 the south-east alone has 152 and the south-west has 136.

And with Brexit coming fast and a huge question mark next to import tariffs, maybe it’s time we developed a better understanding of what we can get domestically? And if English wine doesn’t end up being to your taste (but make sure you try wine from all 577 domestic producers first), at least we’ve got a pretty decent beer scene these days.


May 23 - 31 2025


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