Europeans love variety in food, in fashion, in music so why is it that when it comes to transport so many of us stick to one mode? This year’s European Mobility Week encourages us to explore the many different options available for getting from A to B, and to think about the mode that best suits our particular journey.

Previous year’s European Mobility Weeks have focused on multimodality‚- the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips. Many of us instinctively opt for the same method of transport when moving around without necessarily examining the needs of the specific journey. The car may be the best way to take your family to the seaside, for example, but is it the best way to get them to the city centre where space and access is often limited?

This year, why not test out different transport modes: cycle to the gym to get a head start on burning calories, bring your bike on the train to beat the rush hour traffic, or take the bus and then stroll to the shops to avoid parking fees!

As well as providing health benefits, significant savings can be achieved through a multimodal approach, particularly when short journeys are completed through walking and cycling.

Embracing the concept of multimodality means rethinking the way we move about our cities, and having the willingness to try out new forms of mobility.

From a city’s perspective, it requires the political will to support alternative transport methods.

By introducing some sustainable transport modes into our journeys, not only can we have a positive impact on the environment, we may just find that we’re fitter and happier, with some extra spending money too!

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