European Neighbours’ Day

Every Year at the End of May is European Neighbour’s Day

Neighbour’s Day celebrations take place all over the world. The European Neighbour’s Day is held at the end of may and encourages residents groups and housing organisations to participate and organise their own individual events.

What is the Goal of Neighbour’s Day?

Neighbour’s day is organised by the European Federation of Local Solidarity. The aim of the day is to promote better community communication and cohesion. Social bonds are becoming thinner and people are leading more solitary lives. Neighbour’s Day is meant to counteract this and encourages people to have fun getting together.

The celebration was first launched in Paris in 2000. Ever since then, more and more countries have been taking part. Last year, for example, there were more than 30 million participants from 36 different countries.

How You Can Take Part

All it takes to participate is the organising of a party with your neighbours. It could be in your own garden, out in the street or in a local community hall. The idea is to get people together so that neighbours who rarely speak can talk to each other and have fun together.

Support is available from EFLS and there is even an award that housing associations, organisers and mayors can put themselves forward for. A promotional video, guide, timetable and press kit is also provided for organisers needs.

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