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What is your dream experience? It could be to spend days rafting down the Grand Canyon, or to go bungee jumping. It is possible to drop down into the water with great white sharks, and gaze straight into the eyes a vicious predator. Perhaps you are looking for something more relaxing, such as zorbing, or spending the day at a spa receiving massages. You shouldn’t let your life pass by without pursuing the experience you want. We only get one chance to live. As if the thrill and joy of fulfilling your own goals wasn’t enough, think about how amazing it would be to help someone else achieve theirs. This is what Experience Week is all for…

In 1996, a company called Into the Blue created Experience Week. Previously known as Air Activity Gift Vouchers (or Air Activity Gift Vouchers), it was founded. It was created so that 60,000 people could view the Air Fair. It became clear that not just watching the Air Fair was enough. People wanted to be part of the fun. Activity Gift Air Vouchers teamed up with aviation contacts to create a variety of air-based experiences that could be purchased and gifted to people you care about. The fun began! The fun continued! In fact, by 1998, there were many activities that were both water- and driving-based. The business now offers more than 1,000 experiences. These include arts and crafts, pampering packages, and gourmet events. They never cease to be a delight to their customers.

Experience Week is a chance to push the limits and have fun! This is an annual event that celebrates all the great experience days you have. It means you are allowed to have fun, try something new, and generally enjoy yourself. We at IntotheBlue.co.uk are proud to support this initiative.

Helping someone achieve their dreams is the best way to celebrate this week. Can you think of anything more incredible? The best thing about Into the Blue is that it doesn’t matter what your loved ones love doing, or their age, there will be something for them. It’s a great idea to treat people to an entire experience, rather than just giving them money.

First, people tend to lose their money easily. The cash you give them could disappear in a matter days or hours. It can be lost. Experiences, however, can help create memories that will last a lifetime. A voucher to someone for something they have always wanted to do shows that you care and are attentive to their needs.

Lastly, buying someone a voucher may allow them to do something they would have otherwise not done out of feelings of guilt or responsibility–there is always something around the home that needs fixing and that most people will feel obligated to take care of before tending to their own desires, which they may see as less important. This is not true. We are happier, more confident, and more positive about life when we do new and exciting things.

Experience Week is all about making the lives and relationships of people you care about more enjoyable and interesting. What could be a nobler cause than this?


Apr 08 - 14 2025


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