Extra Mile Day

Extra Mile Day

Extra Mile America is an organization that supports people and cities. Shawn Anderson founded the Extra Mile Foundation in 2009. He believes that the extra mile can open doors to new possibilities. Shawn Anderson’s belief that going the extra mile can improve our lives, professionally and personally, has been widely praised by politicians and Olympic medalists. Shawn started his business career at an early age when he sold worms to fishermen aged eight. This is a sign of how driven he is.

In 2009, The Extra Mile America Foundation started the Extra Mile Day. The Extra Mile America Foundation, a non-profit organization, created the Day to Encourage Citizens from All walks of Life to Live a Fulfilling, Self-Directed Lifestyle that Doesn’t Limit Their Potential and Allows them to Go the Extra Mile to Reach their Goals.

Today, more than 220 American mayors recognize the day. It also celebrates individuals, institutions, and organizations who do their best to make others’ lives better. In the United States, 527 cities declared November 1 “Extra Mile Day” in 2014. It is an opportunity to reflect on your life, change your goals, and show gratitude to others who give their time and effort for you.

It’s a day to encourage people to have a positive impact on society and do their best to make the world better for themselves and others.

Going the Extra Mile is, as the name suggests, a day when you do more than usual, regardless of the situation. It is a time for us to grow in attitude and effort, and a time when we can make progress in different areas of our lives. This is the time to look at our lives and decide if it is what we want. Are we satisfied with the life paths we’ve chosen? What can we do to make our lives happier?

Going the Extra Mile Day can be a great opportunity to reflect on your career and see what you can do to improve it. Perhaps you have problems with concentration and could benefit from some work. Maybe we aren’t doing enough to keep up technology and are falling behind. It’s also worth looking at our relationships: Are we happy with our relationships with our children, partners, and friends?

Perhaps we’ve been in a toxic relationship for years that hasn’t worked out and it’s time to get on with our lives. Next on Go the Extra Mile Day: Our community. What can we do to make it a safer and happier place?

This is the day to take a look in the mirror, ask yourself “What can I do to improve my life or to help my community?” What can I do to “go the extra mile”?


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