Eye Injury Prevention Month

Eye Injury Prevention Month

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month across the United States.

More than one million people per year are affected by an eye injury and 90% of these injuries could have been prevented had the individuals been wearing protective eye wear.

Eye Injury Prevention month aims to raise awareness about the types of eye injury that occur that could be avoided, as well as highlighting the need for more people to use protective eye wear appropriately.

Appropriate protective eye wear is classed as eye wear with “ANSI Z87.1” marked on the lens or frame.

During October’s Eye Injury Prevention Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Eye M.D.s around the country encourage everyone to protect their eyes from accidental injury.

Some facts and tips.

Accidental eye injury is one of the leading causes of visual impairment in the United States

Men are more likely to suffer with an eye injury than women.

The leading causes of eye injuries include sports accidents, consumer fireworks, household chemicals and battery acid, as well as workshop and yard debris

Eyes can be damaged by the sun, not just dust, chemicals and foreign bodies.

Wear safety goggles when working in the workshop or yard, jump-starting your car or working with cleaning or other chemicals.

Always wear appropriate protective eyewear during sports and recreational activities.

Injuries such as cuts, chemical burns or foreign bodies stuck in the eye are emergencies. Don’t try to treat these yourself – contact your Eye M.D. or emergency room for help immediately.

In case of a chemical burn to the eye, flush the eye with clean water and seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

In order to ensure healthy vision, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends frequent, comprehensive eye exams every one or two years to prevent any serious problem. So if you haven’t had an eye examination recently, get one booked today!


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