Farmworker Appreciation Day

Farmworker Appreciation Day

You can spot them every year as you drive past the fields. They are hundreds of strong backs working under the scorching summer sun to harvest the harvest. They work only during the summer, so it is likely that they will return home after this year. Farmworker Appreciation day was created to raise awareness about these important economic pillars and remind us to be grateful for their contributions.

Farmworker appreciation day was established to show appreciation and support these workers, and raise awareness about the problems they face each year. Farmworkers are essential to the survival of the planet. They also work in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. However, they are not often protected by the same laws as other workers. Their seasonality and the fact that they are often immigrant workers who return home after harvest is finished is partly to blame.

They are exposed to toxic pesticides and fertilizers, which can cause skin rashes and worsen the condition of those who work in this field. Also, they have to endure the heat of summer without any shade for long periods of time. They apply pesticides to the soil and then harvest the same plants that they poisoned. It’s no surprise that so many people die each year due to the dangers of their jobs.

It’s easy to celebrate Farmworker Recognition Day. This is a great opportunity to show your generosity to those who bring you produce. Bring refreshments and other supplies to share with them during breaks. Don’t forget water bottles! Although they may have water readily available, not everyone has the means to transport it to the field. To help them protect themselves from the heat and pesticides they are exposed to, long-sleeved shirts are a good idea. It will be appreciated by them and it will make you feel good that you have helped others bring food to your table.


Jun 08 2024


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