Faux Fur Friday

Faux Fur Friday

Furs have been around since the beginning of man’s hunt for animals and their skins. We were going to wear it this year as the hottest fashion item, beaver fur, wolf fur and bear fur.

Fair enough, fur used to be essential in times past. The same thing that kept prey animals warm in winter was being borrowed to aid our ancestors. Nowadays, fur is no longer necessary thanks to electric heating and synthetic fibres.

It looks great, and even hundreds of years worth of fiber development cannot change the fact fur is timeless. Our sensibilities have also changed, and the slaughter of fur-loving animals is not something we look forward to.

What can a lover of fuzzy clothing do? It’s not possible to abandon it. Not at all! Faux Fur Friday can fulfill all your animal hide requirements without causing any pain to your conscience.

In the 1900s, the first faux furs appeared. They were made from wool either of newborn or unborn lambs. Fake furs have grown in popularity and acceptance worldwide. Fake furs were popular during the golden age of fur fashion.

Fur is considered to tell a lot about its wearer. Vogue Magazine stated that fur can reveal “the type of woman you are” and the kind life you want.

In 1924, a Times expert stated that if a fur becomes trendy, the (textile trade) will search for a replacement. Every girl desires to be fashionista-like and would pay a lot to have that opportunity.

What started out as a way of producing realistic faux furs quickly became a new pursuit. Fake furs were able to be made in any color or pattern. Bright purple leopard prints soon became fashionable.

Do we need to say more? Faux Furs are the perfect way to spend the day! Faux fur is in! Get together your best outfit or buy a new one. Even better, have a theme party where everyone comes dressed in their best faux fur.

Faux Fur Friday offers a chance to bring back the 70s when Frankly Fake Furs were at their peak. Or, you can use Faux Fur for a 1920’s-themed party where everyone is their best (faux) elegant!


Feb 12 2025


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