Everybody enjoys holidays in their own way, but there is one holiday that stands out above all others. Festivus is a holiday that may seem like a joke, but it’s a very popular holiday in the United States. Let’s look deeper into the past and discover the roots of this simple, but popular holiday.

Festivus is for you if you don’t like the commercialism associated with Christmas. There is no doubt that many of us feel pressured during the Christmas season. This is the most expensive season of the year and can cause financial stress. It’s wonderful to have a day that is completely different from this!

Daniel O’Keefe, a late author, created the date. Daniel O’Keefe was an American writer who worked at Reader’s Digest over 30 years. Festivus is something of a family affair as it was Daniel O’Keefe’s son who made it popular by making it the main focus of Seinfield’s 1997 episode. This episode will give you a good idea of Festivus.

This episode refers to the day “a Festivus” for all of us. The episode explains that some events are easy to explain and are called “Festivus miracles”. There are also Festivus dinners and an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole. If you want to celebrate this traditional day as it should be, you can take inspiration from the episode.

Festivus Day is fun, no matter what your opinion. It is great for those who don’t like Christmas or hate all the commercialism of December.

Festivus’s start was ironic and funny. It was created by Daniel O’Keefe, an author and editor. He and his family celebrated it as early as 1966. How did Festivus grow to be so beloved if it was a family tradition only? We must go back in time to see an episode of Seinfeld to find out.

Although the holiday is very popular today, Festivus was not mentioned in American culture until the episode of Seinfeld called, “The Strike”. But there’s more to Festivus than a television episode. It is true, as the Latin word for “Festive” comes from the Latin word for “Festivus”.

Do you find this familiar? You should. Festivus is an adjective that means “excellent, jovial and lively”. It derives its name from Festus which means “joyous; holiday day; feast day”. It also makes one think that Festivus may be a way to show that humans don’t have to be content with material possessions to enjoy holidays. All we need is good company, cheerful attitudes and lively music.

Festivus is easy to remember and even easier to perform. Festivus is a holiday that people celebrate to escape the pressures of Christmas shopping and commercialism. Festivus can be celebrated and remembered easily, but there are some things you need to make it a memorable holiday. Seinfeld uses an aluminum pole to replace a Christmas tree in the episode.

Tradition was that the O’Keefes would put a clock inside a bag and attach it to the wall. Next comes the dinner. It usually consists of turkey or, in some cases, meatloaf with lettuce. The Airing of Grievances follows. Each person at the table takes turns addressing the group and expressing their dislikes about the other.

The Feats of Strength is the final celebration. It is held immediately after the Festivus meal. The head of the household chooses one person from the Festivus celebration, challenges them to a wrestling match and, as Festivus tradition dictates, the Festivus holiday does not end until the head of their household is pinched by their opponent.

You don’t have to celebrate Festivus if you don‚Äôt wish to. Festivus Day opposes Christmas commercialism and all the pressures it brings. You could consider this idea when you decide how to celebrate the date. Send a message to your friends to see how they are doing. They don’t need to buy anything or spend a lot of money for Christmas.

This day is also filled with many events around the globe. You can do a quick internet search to see if there are any events in your area. Since 2005, Pittsburgh has held a Festivus celebration. There are many holiday traditions, a Seinfield trivia contest, and live bands so it is great fun! You could host your own event if there’s nothing happening in your area. Festivus Day is a great opportunity to get together with friends and have some fun.


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