Fight Procrastination Day

Fight Procrastination Day

Procrastination is a real problem. With another day around the corner, there is no reason to put it off until tomorrow. It’s not possible, but tomorrow will bring another tomorrow so let’s try again! This way of thinking is the best, because nothing is ever done. We know well enough that procrastination is a way to get our own way. What can we do to stop procrastination? Fight Procrastination day reminds us that we have the power to defeat this monster and that only we can choose to get up and do what is needed today.

Fight Procrastination day encourages us to take up arms and fight the old enemy of “putting things off”. Although there are many ways to defeat it, procrastination seems to be the most formidable of all. Sometimes it feels like a group effort with our most efficient friends will suffice. Procrastination is a battle that has been going on for a while. There have been many creative ways to combat it, with varying degrees of success.

What are some other crazy techniques? What about James Riley and Victor Hugo choosing to write naked? It was a difficult decision to go out with the guys at the local pub. Although it is not a practical solution, it does have its merits. There are also modern versions that can be downloaded onto your computer and act as filters according to your rules.

Celebrate Procrastination Day by getting ready to stop putting off important tasks all day. This can be done by setting a precommitment for the morning. You set an alarm, eliminate distractions, set up your workspace and get ready to go when you wake up. You can make sure that you are ready to go for work by setting your morning coffee, breakfast, and towel for the morning shower the night before. This will make it easy to get out of bed on time and stop you from wasting your time.


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