Fill Our Staplers Day

Fill Our Staplers Day

Staplers are useful for keeping your papers together, organizing them, and allowing you to submit your work on-time. What happens if you staple your paper and nothing happens?

It’s easy to get frustrated and have to look for new staples. Your work might not be submitted on schedule. Fill Our Staples Day encourages people to replenish their staples before the problem occurs.

While a lot of the workforce today is moving to a digital platform today, many offices still use paper. Staples are a better way to hold papers together than staples.

Staplers were invented in the 1800s, just as paper was invented. King Louis XV invented the first stapler to hold papers together.

While there were many improvements made to the stapler’s mechanical design, the 1800s saw a variety of technological innovations and inventions that contributed to the industrial revolution and the economic boom of offices and businesses.

Because of its importance in office life, the stapler’s design has remained unchanged since 1930.

DullMen’sClub reports that the holiday was submitted by McGraw-Hill to be included in their Chase’s Calendar of Events 2013. The Chase Calendar of Events continues to include the holiday every year, even after it was accepted.

Fill Our Staplers Day is a simple idea: fill up your office staplers to allow people to continue working and complete their work on time. What is the point of such a holiday? Because it is so annoying to discover that your stapler doesn’t have staples.

You’ll need to ask someone else to fill your stapler or buy the staples. If this happens, it can delay your work and could cause you to be in serious trouble if your work is very important.

You can celebrate Fill Our Staplers Day in your office by replacing staples. Your kindness and efforts will be appreciated by many coworkers. This could make your day go much smoother.

Replace staplers in your home if you don’t work at an office. This can help you organize your paperwork and help your children with homework. It will also make your life easier.

Use the hashtag #fillourstaplersday to share this holiday with your friends on social media.


Mar 13 2025


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