Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

When lives are at risk, fires can be dangerous and powerful. Many rely on firefighters who risk their lives daily to stop fires spreading. Most people don’t know how to protect themselves or prevent fires. Fire Prevention Week is here to help.

Fire Prevention Week is dedicated to the Great Chicago Fire. This fire destroyed over 1,000 buildings in Chicago, leaving more than 100,000 homeless, and 300 people dead. It took place October 1871. Everyone tells the same story about the Great Chicago Fire: “Mrs. The story of the Great Chicago Fire is that Mrs. The fire started in this area, but historians don’t know how it started. The firefighters were unable to control the wind-blown embers, which is what the Great Chicago Fire spread. The buildings were all made from wood. There was a severe drought in the area and many firefighters had been exhausted by previous fires.

In 1922, the National Fire Protection Association (founded in 1896 to respond to these fires) sponsored Fire Prevention Week to stop such events from ever happening. In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge declared Fire Prevention Week a national holiday. Because of this event, Chicago now has clear guidelines for how buildings and roads are constructed and maintained. Fire Prevention Week is observed in schools across the country, particularly for children younger than 10, so they are able to respond to a fire.

Learn how to protect your home and prevent fires. Visit the NFPA website to view educational videos and other resources on the history and how you can prevent fires in your home. Also, learn about ways to help your neighbors. Use the hashtag #firepreventionweek to share this holiday on your favorite social media sites. Let everyone know that this week is all about protecting people from the dangers and learning.


Oct 08 - 14 2024


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