Firefly Day

It’s time for the Browncoats to get out in the black to find those who have yet to discover the magic of Firefly. Firefly Day will be dedicated to the shameless promotion of our beloved series and to a marathon viewing of the entire series. We must keep spreading the message, otherwise people will never learn about the dangers of Reavers or the true story behind Hero of Canton.

The Story of Firefly Day bears a striking resemblance with the Battle of Serenity Valley. There was something spectacular going on. It was too beautiful to be dead. Yet, the Alliance goons “FOX”, who were trying to cancel a show that had made it more popular on primetime TV, won. The show was first broadcast in September 2002. It was pulled off the air in December 2002 for reasons that really strain the imagination. It had 4.7 million viewers when it was cancelled. However, FOX determined that the show’s fan base wasn’t sufficient to continue it. It was a very sad day for Browncoats (fans who referred to the Rebellion’s traditional uniform) everywhere.

The show’s analysis shows that the Alliance (FOX) is to blame for the end of free men’s souls being able to fly the’verse unscathed’. They made a series of poor decisions from the beginning about how Serenity would be presented. They announced it as an “action-comedy” rather than a character study and then decided to take over the pilot “Serenity” for “Train Job”. The episodes were aired in order to confuse the gorram plot. Firefly Day allows us to see it in its original form and to recall the Battle that fans have fought to keep it on air.

Gather your Browncoats, new recruits, and have a viewing party of the entire series. They’ll soon be saying everything is shining, except that the gorram Alliance scum kept Serenity sailing through the dark. Once they’re hooked, encourage them to take part in ongoing campaigns to get Firefly flying again.


Apr 24 2024


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