Flatmate’s Day

Flatmate’s Day

Do you have a flatmate who rocks? Here are some fun and simple ways to show your appreciation.

Your flatmate is someone you owe a lot. Your flatmate has taken your dog to work when you were late for your shift; she was there with a can for roach spray and a bottle of water when your ex arrived for the ninth consecutive weekend. She also loaned cash to you to pay your mobile phone bill when you went over your minutes. Your flatmate has been there for you through thick and thin.

Now it’s time for you to say thanks. Here are some ideas.

Speak up and say something nice. Be sincere and drop a compliment. This can be done a few times per week. Communication is not about solving problems.

Make enough food for you both. Double the recipe if you are cooking for yourself and invite your flatmate. Don’t let food be a negative. Instead, make it a positive.

Reliable. Be punctual in paying rent and bills, especially rent. Make sure that you clean up after you say you will. Do not leave your flatmate to guess.

Be resource conscientious. Reduce the heat and AC when you are leaving, turn off lights, and conserve water. Everyone benefits from lower utility bills.

Get dirty. Don’t be shy about cleaning the living rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. If your roomie does most of the cleaning, this is a huge responsibility.

Spend some money. Don’t worry about pennies. Round your utility bill up to the nearest dollar. It’s not worth worrying about.

Part 2. Spend money on a coffee maker, microwave, or TV. It’s yours to take with you, so go ahead and share the joy.

Offer to go away. It is always nice to be able to spend some time alone at home. You should inform your flatmate in advance that you will be gone for a few hours or a weekend.

Although these are small tasks, they can make a big difference to your flatmate.


Mar 24 2025


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