Food Day in the USA

Food Day in the USA

There are many food holidays in the United States celebrating particular types of food, dishes or beverages.

However Food Day, celebrated on October 24th annually is unlike any of the other National Food observances.

This observance was initiated in 1975 by the Center for Science in the Public Interests, Americas Food Watchdog, to draw public attention to the problems in the food industry in the USA.

There are many food and food-surrounding issues at the local, state and national level: obesity, diet, health problems, hunger, sustainable agriculture, farm animal welfare, nutrition education, food service workers rights.

The observance of Food Day raises public awareness of issues facing society that revolve around food and encourages to find out more about what is concerning within our local community. Every year the event is run under a certain theme, helping highlight specific problem and find possible ways out of it. Thousands of events are scattered across the USA, and prominent food activists take part in them.

Every citizen is encouraged to participate celebration of Food Day by joining local events, sharing information about this day with relatives and friends or hosting personal appropriate events.


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