Fountain Pen Day

Fountain Pen Day

Hand-writing a document is elegant. It’s like taking pen in your hand and transferring our thoughts and feelings to paper.

A ball-point pen is the best choice for writing down tedious tasks such as filling out paperwork or setting up the monthly budget. A fountain pen is the best choice if you want to capture the most important moments in your life or turn words into poetry.

Fountain Pen Day reminds of this and encourages people to get a fountain pen to put their souls on paper.

Over the course of history, writing tools have undergone many changes. It was first chisels that were used to mark stones, then a bit papyrus reed for marking the shapes of cuneiform. Later, bits of charcoal were used to mark words on Birch Bark or leaf pieces.

The ink was eventually created using various plant matter, animals and finally iron and extract from Oak galls. Ink needed a new tool. The dip quill pen was an original tool. It consisted of a small piece of feather (usual goose), with a sharpened nib that allowed you to draw the ink onto paper.

This was an incredible innovation. It stayed with us for quite a while. However, we needed a new creation that didn’t require constant dips and didn’t require constant cutting of the nib.

The fountain pen was born in 1636. It had a great reservoir of ink and a metal nib that didn’t need to be recut often. It took over 300 years for a new innovation to change the world of writing.

The Fountain Pen has been overshadowed but not lost its appeal. It is still the preferred writing instrument for those who want to write in a more elegant and traditional way. The Fountain Pen produces a more consistent and cleaner line. Fountain Pen Day celebrates this writing instrument with its long and continuing history.

Fountain Pen Day can be celebrated by getting a fountain pen. Although fountain pens are affordable, don’t be surprised to find yourself lusting after more expensive designs and those that combine beauty with function. For the avid pen lover, it can be a new hobby.


Apr 11 2025


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