Frankenstein Friday

Mary Shelley, Percy her husband and creative friends like Lord Byron created some horrific stories in a competition to find the best horror story. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s monster story was the most compelling.

Mary Shelley was first anonymously published in 1818. It wasn’t until 1823 that Mary Shelley made her name on the second edition of this Gothic work. Frankenstein is also considered to be the first example of science fiction.

The Modern Prometheus is sometimes referred to as Frankenstein. Mary Shelley also wrote The Last Man, Mathilda and The Mortal Immortal.

Frankenstein Friday was founded by Ron MacCloskey, in 1997. It celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and Mary Shelley, who were the original creator and author. Frankenstein Friday is an entertaining and funny way to enjoy and celebrate a variety aspects of the day.

Frankenstein Friday is a great opportunity to enjoy the horror and fun of science fiction at its best!

You can get involved in Frankenstein Friday in many ways, including these ideas:

Many people have seen Frankenstein movies, but it may be worth rereading this classic gothic novel by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is a classic horror novel that tells the story about Victor, a scientist who combines corpses to make a man who can then be brought to life.

The monster is quite gory and terrorizes the community. Victor’s life is also destroyed.

Frankenstein Friday is a great time to throw a party because it always falls on Fridays. Invite your friends and family to come along in costume as their favorite horror or gothic character.

You can serve snacks and desserts that match the theme such as Frankeguac, green rice crispy treats or monster cookies. Frankenstein Friday’s soundtrack should contain some of the most horrible songs, such as Monster Mash or Frankenstein’s Monster Song.

Frankenstein’s monster is a favorite character in horror and science fiction films. There have been many iterations of this classic creature. A Frankenstein movie was first made as a silent film in 1910. This made it even more special. There have been over 30 adaptations, films series, and versions of Frankenstein’s main character and the Frankenstein novel. These films featured themes such as The Bride of Frankenstein and The Ghost of Frankenstein. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man was also a theme. In 1948, Abbott and Costello made a hilarious adaptation of the film called Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.


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