Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

Comics have a long and rich history. They are more popular than many people realize. Evidence is available that sequential art and single-panel art dates back as far as human sketches. Comics are basically a modern way to tell stories in pictures.

Comic books are used to tell stories in the most imaginative ways, to share political agendas and ideas, and to ridicule political figures of every age. There are probably many topics that have been covered by comic artists, from Saturday morning comics in newspapers to extravagant pieces of erotica.

Animation lovers have to be grateful for the original animated films. Each frame was drawn by dedicated artists.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), offers comic books to everyone, even for those who can’t afford them.

Joe Field established the Free Comic Book Day in 2001. Joe Field was running a comic shop next to Baskin-Robbins, and the store seemed to be gaining a lot of promotional equity through their Free Scoop Day. Joe was inspired by the idea of a Free Comic Book Day.

Joe noticed that comic sales have been increasing in recent years following the release of the latest comic book franchise movie.

Both society and finances were envious of the unending supply of stories. Joe suggested the establishment of a Free Comic Book Day to help spread the fandom.

The opening of 2002 Spider-Man movie saw the first Free Comic Book Day. This was in an effort to capitalize on the buzz and promote the film.

Although it is not common for Free Comic Book Day to coincide with another feature film’s release, it does happen often as a matter if providence. The comics are not free to the retailers, but they do come at a minimal cost in overhead. They are also given away to anyone who is interested in the hobby. The day is promoted and seems to boost business traffic and sales at comic book shops.

These ideas will help you celebrate Free Comic Book Day. Get creative and create your own!

Comic book shops will celebrate by offering free comics and hosting events. Check out their offerings online, including author signings, giveaways and contests.

You should also grab as many free comic books as you can while there. Typically, Marvel Comics and DC Comics sponsor their own comics. Studios, Dark Horse Comics and AWA Studios, Archie Comics as well as IDW Publishing, VIZ Media, and many other companies.

A great reason to host a party is the free comics! Enjoy the Free Comic Book Day at your local shop with a few comic book-loving friends and share some comic books. You can dress up in your favorite comic book character and enjoy comic-themed snacks.

Free Comic Book Day offers the chance to get a comic from your local comic shop, but it also allows you to make a donation to the comic industry. You’re already there, so why not? !

While most people are familiar with the major comics retailers DC Comics and Marvel, there are many other publishers that produce incredible comics on any topic you can imagine.

Free Comic Book Day offers a chance to broaden your mind and increase your knowledge about this fascinating hobby and source for stories.


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