Freethinkers Day

Freethinkers Day

This day is all about allowing people to think outside of the box and encouraging them to do so.

Freethinkers Day falls on Thomas Paine’s birthday. His publications and work promoting Enlightenment philosophy heavily influenced the American and French revolutions. Paine, a man of English descent, was a brave man whose life and work inspired many who wanted to achieve independence from their homeland. His efforts were particularly important in promoting the rejection of abstract authority, which embodied power over reason.

His influence was felt a few hundred years ago. However, The Truth Seeker Magazine started honoring this day in the 1990s. As a nod towards Thomas Paine’s 1737 birthday, it was scheduled for January 29. It was intended to educate and raise awareness about the day and the benefits of liberty and freedom.

The magazine suggested that the day should be celebrated by showing a white rose with torns. White was the symbol of purity, beauty, fragility, and beauty. However, the thorns can also be a sign of danger.

In the same time period, the Thomas Paine Foundation in America began to celebrate Thomas Paine Day. It is held on the anniversary of Thomas Paine’s death, June 8, 1809.

You can embrace Freethinkers Day by questioning authority and making reasonable arguments against ingrained behavior. These ideas can be used to celebrate the occasion:

Buy white roses with thorns to show your appreciation for the day. Display them on your desk at work. You can also grab a dozen to give out to family, friends, and coworkers. Don’t forget to tell them that these are for Freethinkers Day. This activity could be a great way for you to start a conversation about Thomas Paine’s influence on the freedoms enjoyed today in the United States.

Read Paine’s original works to learn more about Freethinking and Freethinkers. Common Sense is his most famous (and possibly most infamous) pamphlet. It was published in 1776. The ideas contained in it were believed to be an important catalyst for the American Revolution. He also wrote:

This document is crucial to the creation and continued existence of the United States. However, many Americans haven’t actually read it all. While some may have looked at it in school, most adults can’t quote from it.

It was thought that Thomas Paine played a significant role in the drafting process. It is not clear if he wrote any of the contents. Some people insist that he did, while others strongly deny it. He also didn’t sign it.

Many of the ideas in the Declaration of Independence can be attributed to Paine’s work. There are strong friendship ties between Thomas Jefferson and Paine, who is most often credited with writing the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration is a collection of important ideas that, regardless of who wrote it, stand behind many precepts Freethinkers Day was founded on. The original document is kept in Washington, DC’s National Archives Museum. However, anyone can search the internet for the document online.

This organization advocates for the separation between religious and government entities. It promotes science appreciation, critical thinking, education, and science appreciation. They are a non-theist group that encourages discussion and discourse on various topics relevant to its members’ lives. Members can join them online or in person. The group was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its main purpose is to “education, investigate, and understand”.


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